About the Bill

The Investigatory Powers Bill is a new law that will give the UK police and security agencies massive powers to collect, analyse and look at our private communications and Internet use. The state does need surveillance powers to fight serious crime and terrorism but this law goes too far. Surveillance should be used against people who are suspected of a crime not the entire UK population.

Here are some of the most worrying parts of the Bill:

Why is this Bill being passed?

In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that the UK and US governments had built mass surveillance programmes. In the UK, there had been no discussion in Parliament about this and MPs were not even aware that it was happening. Instead loopholes in the law had been exploited to allow these programmes to be built. ORG and many other organisations, as well as three independent inquiries, called for a completely new surveillance law to be passed. The government responded with the IPBill. This outlined in full the powers that Snowden had revealed, and more. While transparency about these powers is an improvement, the Bill goes too far. The UK's surveillance powers should be limited not extended.